Age of Empires Online


One of the most famous strategy sagas of all time is back


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Age of Empires Online is the fourth official entry in one of the most famous and successful real time strategy games in the history of video gaming. The main difference from the three previous entries in the series is that this time it's completely free to play.

The game includes four different civilizations with their own armies and unique buildings: the Greeks, Egyptians, Persians and Celts. Each of them requires a new way of playing, and dealing with different items. This means that every time you play, the experience is entirely different.

One of the most interesting features in Age of Empires Online, is that you can play against both the computer by joining up with friends to play online duels against the computer, or play in a continual world in pure MMO-style .

While you can play for free, but if you want to fully enjoy the game, you must buy some special content packages, although these are not strictly necessary to enjoy Age of Empires Online.

Graphically, the game is a real joy. The almost cartoon style fits perfectly with the fun gameplay, and what´s more, the graphics are good enough to be perfectly acceptable without requiring a super powerful machine.

Age of Empires Online is a title with the potential to provide you with dozens of hours of gameplay. Whether solo, in co-op on, or on a server with lots of other people, you can enjoy its fun gameplay without handing over any of your cash.
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